‘Friends told me that the Dutch courses at Pace are the best in Amsterdam,’ our enthusiastic course participant Abdul recently told me. New arrivals often opt for a language school around the corner. Well, that’s what we usually think. But fortunately there are also many people who focus on quality and are willing to travel some distance for a good Dutch course, for example to Pace in Amsterdam Zuid. Often their friends told them about the Dutch trajectories at our school.

Dutch grammar
I asked Abdul, who participates in a civic integration course (inburgeringscursus), why he opted for Pace. Abdul: ‘I live in Amsterdam Oost, but I don’t mind at all to cycle to Amsterdam Zuid to learn the Dutch language properly. Whereas there is a language school in my neighbourhood, I prefer to attend lessons at Pace in Zuid. The teachers have a lot of experience here. In addition, they use high-quality Dutch language books that contain clear Dutch grammar sections. Friends advised me to attend classes at this school.’ Abdul left Syria and arrived in the Netherlands two years ago. ‘I attend Dutch classes at Pace for over a year now. In April I will do the inburgeringsexamen, which is quite exciting, but I think I will pass the exam. After this, I will do a course at ROC to become a bicycle repairman, including an internship.’

I don’t mind at all to cycle to Amsterdam Zuid to learn the Dutch language properly

Abdul is also quite pleased with the building and the neighbourhood – these are not the most important aspects of learning Dutch, yet they are a bonus. ‘I love to attend classes here. Pace is next to the Olympic Stadium in a wonderful city district. The classrooms are bright and modern with an excellent view of the historical Stadium,’ Abdul explains.

Cheese cubes with little flags
‘Moreover, there is a great atmosphere at Pace. Recently, I went to a fantastic party, the Pace Potluck Party, where I met other course participants and teachers. We ate typically Dutch finger food, such as cheese cubes with little flags, as well as foreign dishes prepared by course participants. I enjoyed organising the party and cleaning afterwards together with Pace staff. The event was great,’ Abdul said. ‘The classes, the school, the people – attending an inburgeringscursus at Pace makes me quite happy.’